SESC Pompeia

Experimenting with mixed media representations in my visual communications class. Architecture precedent: SESC Pompeia by Lina Bo Bardi.

Worm’s Eye View Oblique

I made this drawing of Toyo Ito’s Tama Art University Library, for my visual communications class in the first term of my Master of Architecture program at the University of Toronto.

Happy New Year

Xin Nian Kuai Le! Happy year of the sheep. Chinese New Year marks new beginnings. In Vancouver, cherry blossoms open and the sun appears… if only for a short while.

New Lab Systems Network

SMART DOCK is the new centre for Terreform ONE’s interdisciplinary school for science and design. The new lab will be located in New York’s Brooklyn Navy Yard, once a site for trade and manufacture it is now a mecca for independent innovators, creatives and makers. […]

Edge Garden

A landscape redesign project that maximizes privacy and play space in a shaded backyard. The planting scheme aims to create a buffer between the property and the roadway behind while maintaining open space for children and pets to play. Project team member: Annie Liang

Making Models at NMA

“Physical models don’t lie” – Nick Milkovich Despite the tendency towards fancy renderings and complex digital models, physical models reveal every angle of a project. I worked on this concept model of the proposed house and landscape while working with Nick Milkovich Architects and Consulting […]

The Loop

Last week my colleagues, Annie Liang and Andy Wang, and I found out that our proposal for the Vermont LivingPlace Design Competition was chosen as the winning entry. The competition was focused on place-based ecological designs and this year’s theme was the confluence of water, […]

Perpetual Motion Machine

Through exploring the medium of collage, this analytical study becomes a spatial narrative on Henriquez Partners Architects’ Michael Smith Laboratories at UBC campus. The composition I chose that weaves together my plan, section, and perspective drawings, exaggerated perspective and collage elements represent the space as […]

Robson Square Unfolded

  It is not about what we see but about the tools through which we understand what it is we are seeing. In this group study we filtered and translated aspects of Arthur Erickson’s Robson Square through multiple design media. Each medium we chose ultimately […]

Artifacts of Occupation

oc•cu•py [ok-yuh-pahy] 1.  reside in; be the tenant of; dwell in. 2. take up or fill (space or time or a place) 3. hold (a position or office) 4. take military possession of (a country, region,  town, strategic position). 5. place oneself in (a […]

Davie Street Pier

Vancouver’s False Creek harbour can be seen as a beautiful but inaccessible parking lot for private boats. In the coming years, our geographically restricted downtown will be both a blessing and curse as we face the inevitability of even greater densification. I believe that the […]

My Family, Like Clouds

In our fast-paced and more immediate world, cultural institutions and practices must be flexible in order to be resilience. We are too often confined by beliefs and traditions that have all but lost their meaning. I believe design, like our definitions and preconceived notions of family, […]

UBC Farm Centre

Vancouver’s only remaining working farm is located on the UBC campus. My aim was to explore the farm’s multiple systems, cycles, users, and uses. I view the farm as a living organism, a laboratory that is an essential component of a larger ecology. Farming brings […]

Schindler House

Building technology and design cannot be separated. Material choice, elements, structure, and overall design inform each other. This series of quick analytical models was part of a collaborative case study with my ENDS classmates, Jasmine Chen, Raymond Garrioch, and Noorullah Hussain. The precedent we studied […]

Sketches from Rome

In this summer study abroad in Rome, sketching became the basis for seeing and getting lost was a mode of discovery. These are some of my selected sketches featured in our student designed and curated exhibition, Rome: The Monumental and the Mundane at the UBC […]

Mitchell Island Sculpture Park

Like the waters of the Fraser River which created Mitchell Island, the ongoing flow of human movement and economic activity continue to infiltrate the edges of this island site. A natural link between Vancouver and Richmond, the island’s identity has shifted from fishing and agriculture […]